How to Get Free Stuff While in and out the Doctor’s Office

When feeling sick or if something in your body doesn’t feel right, the first thing we have in mind is to visit the doctor. Freebies aren’t just limited to items in department stores and food but they are also available in doctor’s offices.

First off, when you are visiting your dentist or your hygienist and they don’t offer you with any free toothbrush, free toothpaste, or free floss, don’t hesitate and ask them for one. Don’t be afraid to ask for free samples as well for they are bound to give you some. When your physician is writing you a prescription, you can always ask for as sample of the medication that the7 are prescribing you with. Don’t hesitate to ask because doctors usually have extras.

Surprisingly enough, babies are expensive little critters. Luckily enough, there is a lot of free stuff that can be obtained from Pediatricians and online. On, you can take part in a couple of sweepstakes to win baby items such as baby books, cord blood banking, and even for celebrating your baby’s first birthday! There are also a couple of offers made for you to win cases of diapers, baby coupons, and free samples. Their freebies include free diapers for a year and a stroller. With that, you don’t need to save up for piles and pile of diapers for your baby. You can get them just for free!

On Walmart, things such as free baby formulas are also available and despite being samples, they are full sized containers of baby formula from companies like Enfamil. Baby formula doesn’t come cheap so this really helps A LOT. There are also free baby magazine subscriptions available on Babytalk, American baby, and many other parenting magazines wherein you can get free baby magazines on mail.

Free baby wipes are also available on the free baby samples section of They send samples of various and top products through mail which may take days before you receive them. Baby wipes are rather essential needs for babies for those helps in keeping them clean. Also, offers free sample of baby products such as body wash, powders, and more that can help with the child’s hygiene.

Last but never the least is getting free stuff by using the rewards you get from Pampers Gifts to Grow. Your codes can be used to redeem rewards for your baby such as baby food, toys, gift cards, baby gears, and even baby books. The points in your Pampers Gifts to Grow doesn’t just limit itself to your baby but you can also get items such as photo gifts, magazines, laundry detergents, and even makeup! Charity donations and posters are included as well. You can easily get codes or points by visiting Pampers Gifts to Grow on the internet to find out what exactly are they offering and how many points the rewards are worth.

Whenever you purchase Pampers items, you get to add points to your code. To redeem your Pampers Gifts to Grow codes, simply visit their page again and add to cart the reward of choice before continuing to checkout. Verify your information needed for the shipping address and when they look alright, only then should you click Place my order. These usually take 8 to 10 weeks for the rewards to arrive so is patient!

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